Friday, October 15, 2010

Second Meeting

We had a meeting this past week and we had a great attendance of eleven girls.  We have a total so far of 13 girls as one girl moved from the area and a few others decided they had too many other things going on and decided to wait until next year. 

We started out the meeting with the circle and said the promise.  Some of the girls already know it from last year and the more we repeat it the easier it will be for the newer girls to remember it.  I also did a pinning ceremony where we gave the girls their insignia tabs with the Trefoil pin and daisy pin.  From there we moved on to snack.  Lynne brought koolaid and pretzels and I popped 2 bags of popcorn. I keep forgetting to print out a flyer for volunteers to send a snack for the kids.  It was suggested that we have a snack fund or have parents drop it off at my or Lynne's home some time before the meeting.   Feeding 13 kids can get expensive.  During snack I went over the next chapter of the journey story about the flower friends. 

Part of the suggestions for the journey of daisies is to plant a small garden.  Lynne had some seed cards with alyssum and baby's breath for us to use.   I bought a cheap litter pan to use as the pot and brought some soil from home.  We went outside and planted the garden.  Each time we meet they are to bring the garden with them and trade it off to the next girl to take home until the next meeting. 

Our craft for the day was going to earn the girls from last year one petal and the new girls 2 petals.  This was done so they will quickly get caught up.  I had them divide up a box of 100 pieces evenly so that every girl got the same number and there were no pieces left when they were done.  We all know that 11 does not divide into 100 evenly.  By them doing this and overcoming the difficulty they earned their Honest and Fair petal.  They then each got 6 pieces to paint the back of and glue to a foam picture frame that said "Love you to pieces".   For the new girls, making this frame and giving it to someone earns them the Considerate and Caring petal that some of the girls already have.  Though messy this craft was enjoyed by everyone. 

We ended our meeting in the circle again and we did the friendship squeeze.  This is just a fun thing to do to end a meeting.  They cross their right arm over their left and hold on to the girls' hand next to them.  Someone starts the squeeze and makes a happy wish for the troop.  She then puts her foot into the middle of the circle to show that she passed the squeeze.  Once everyone has had their turn,  we all turn in a circle to uncross our arms while still holding hands.  With a lot of giggling and couple goof ups we managed to end the circle. 

I made up a flyer to hand out to the parents about the hayride event later in the month.  I included information for the Veterans Day Parade and the next meeting.    All in all, I think everything went smoothly and I managed to keep it in the time allotted. 

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