Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Little Zoo

Now some of you may be thinking the title of this post may refer to the girls.  In some cases, yes, it does.  In this instance it refers to the small zoo in our area.  They have tigers, lions, camels, and various other smaller animals.  There is a small petting section where you can have a camel or pony ride and there is a horse drawn cart that takes you about an area filled with ostriches etc. 

In the fall they do evening torchlit walks so you can see the animals that are active at night.  This was just a fun fall event for us to do, there was really no patches to be earned other then the night hike fun patch I ordered for them.  The girls loved it!  The wolves were running around playing and they fed ALL the animals they could.  We even got pranked by a pair of goats.  The little buggers had stuck their heads through one of the squares in the fencing.  We sent Lynne to the office to tell the people in charge about it after trying for 10 min or so to get them out.  She came back and said they do that all the time and sure enough not 5 min later the rascals got themselves out.  So after a couple of finger nips and a few nice new  holes in my jacket from hungry goats,  the dastardly duo was safe with no help from us. 

We did plan on handing out the Mag-Nut order forms to the girls because they only have until the 20th or so to do selling.  Only one girl that didn't already have the forms came.  So the product manager has to call all the parents that don't have them and arrange a location to meet for delivery of the forms. 

I sincerely hope that the girls do well on the sales as that is how we get troop money.  If we don't get enough money through the sales, we'll have to start collecting dues for each meeting to cover the costs of the crafts and patches.  If that ends up happening we may end up losing some of the girls.  The economy is terrible around here and we are all affected.  To spare even $5 a meeting is in some cases is too much for parents to do. 

I have to plan a regular meeting for later this week.  I try to include a lesson of value and a craft at the very least.  I am hoping to incorporate a petal earned into this meeting but I'll have to see how I can make that work.  One petal that we need to earn is for making the world a better place.  I am thinking that we could have a weekend meeting in the local state park and plant a tree.  We could have a little sign at it so that they know which one is theirs.  I'll have to contact the park to see if this would be allowed and if there are any specific rules we need to follow to do so.  That would be something to be done on a weekend meeting this fall or in the spring. 

We also need to tour a fire station and if possible a police station and we will earn a petal for that.  They have about half of their petals so between those and the journey patches, we have a lot of work ahead of us.  I'm working hard to make this the best experience I can for the girls.  I hope they all enjoy themselves and learn new and wonderful things. 

Until next time.....

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