Saturday, February 25, 2012


Okay so call me crazy.  It was about 30degrees out today and we had high winds so the wind chill put the temp at about 20 degrees or lower.  We had a Girl Scout Cookie Booth Sale Today at a 4 way intersection with no wind barrier.  I only had a half shift so I was only there 4 hours.  The corner mart/ gas station was kind enough to allow us all the free hot cocoa we could drink.  (Thank you our to heroes)  They also allowed us to go inside and thaw out periodically.   We could not have the sale inside due to liability issues with their insurance.  I had about 8 girls covering 2 hour shifts from 8 am to 4 pm.  It was a very successful sale but I have to say I think they felt pity on us for standing in the cold and the girls were so cute!  The second shift had the cookie costumes to wear and they stood at the corner and danced to keep warm.  There are definitely some tough cookies in our troop!

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